Register Number FI40766/16
Day of Birth 04.07.2016
Ataxia Not carrier
ED 0/0
Breeder Sini Korhonen
Owner Sini Korhonen
Holder Mirva Vuotovesi

About Saaga

Before Saaga was born we were talking with Saaga's home that they could maybe take a puppy on breeding terms. They didn't have former experience with buhunds but Tulhu made them to fall in love with herself. So they ordered a puppy that "looks like Tulhu".
From the very start Saaga has been a little monster and a spitting image of her mother when she was puppy. This "puppy number three" I chose as a girl I would place on breeding terms and it happened that this puppy was exactly what Saaga's new family wanted, so Saaga went to Riihimäki.

Saaga is quite vocal, active and people-loving puppy. Everyone is a potential friend for her.
She has been to puppy-course, agility-course and rally-course and also she has been to some show-training. When she grows up, she will hopefully be a nice running-friend. There are not much other certain plans for her, she will mostly be a family dog and the hobbies are just extra. Saaga learns quickly but she does not always have the patience for training, other stuff is sometimes way too interesting.