Register number FIN14706/08
Day of Birth 14.12.2007
ED 0/0
Eyes OK (2010, 2013 & 2016)
PL 0/0 (unofficial examination)
Back OK (unofficial examination)
Breeder Sini Korhonen
Owner Sini Korhonen

About Vaala
Vaala is my second buhund, the only girl from Freia's litter. So Vaala is bred by me and her parents are Sangrebakkens Fant and Freia.

With Vaala I have had loads of problems to solve and things to learn. She has been way more difficult than Freia and I did lots of things wrong with her.
Vaala is sharp, she reacts quickly to her surroundings, she is soft and she has lots of energy. This energy she channels especially to barking if she has nothing else to do.
Vaala gets along greatly with other dogs but is sometimes a bit shy towards people and unfamiliar dogs. She will come to get scratches from strangers and lyes on their lap on the sofa if she has a chance. But gaining her trust will take some time.
She also has an annoying habit of commanding my guests to pet her by growling or barking.

Vaala is bery bright and intelligent and especially clicker training is easy with her. She went to a puppy course when she was little. She has been in a couple dog shows when she was young and mostly she got Good and Very Good.

Vaala is spayed.