Register Number FI50670/13
Day of Birth 28.08.2013
ED 0/0
PL 0/0
Eyes OK (2015)
Back SP0, LTV0
Breeder Peter Magnusson
Owner Roosa Kallio

Hieman Tulhusta

Tulhu is our Swede. Her breeder is Peter Magnusson and following a pattern of my other dogs, her breeder does not have a kennel name. Tulhu's parents are Andur and Tu-San Naisa of Dania.
Tulhu was placed on breeding terms from me to Roosa Kallio and after the litter her ownership was trasferred to Roosa.

After Vaala's pyometritis and resulting neutering I went to look for a puppy from abroad and this litter caught my eye because of the nice pedigree. I picked Tulhu mostly based on pictures the breeder sent us. And so this adorable fawn buhund moved to Finland after few weeks.

Tulhu is very intelligent and quick to learn. She is very good-headed, she can relax even in a busy place like a dog show and she's not afraid of almost anything (and if something scares her, she will quickly get over it). Tulhu will not go to strangers tongue-first, she's a bit more restrained than that. She is not at all reserved, uncertain or shy, she just does not see any reason to unconditionally love everyone she sees. Tulhu can also kept off leash without her running off.
Tulhu has pretty much everything I myself like about a dog.

Tulhu gets to train different dog sports every now and then. She will still go to at least some shows and of course eye examinations. Roosa has kindly promised I can still take Tulhu to shows and other events if I want.
It is possible that Tulhu will have another litter for me and her owner Roosa but this is still a distant plan.